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Value-Based Software Engineering

28 March 2013 No Comment

Value-based software engineering (VBSE) is an approach that take into account the fact that software has a major influence on most systems’ cost, schedule, and value. Software decisions are inextricably intertwined with system-level decisions. In this article, Barry Boehm discusses the basic principles of value-based software engineering and explains why value-neutral methods are insufficient as a basis of a software engineering discipline.

The value-based software engineering agenda involves integrating value considerations into the full range of existing and emerging software engineering principles and practices. The article then summarized the primary components of the agenda: value-based requirements engineering, architecting, design and development, verification and validation, planning and control, risk management, quality management, people management, and an underlying theory of VBSE. It concludes by approaches for going toward VBSE at the project, organization, national, or global level.

Read the complete article on http://csse.usc.edu/csse/TECHRPTS/2006/usccsse2006-639/usccsse2006-639.pdf

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