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August 18, 2020 Off

The Requirements You Received Are Not Requirements

By Requirements Management

Too often when IT consultants receive software requirements for new features they are not requirements at all. At least, they are not defined as requirements. In most cases when identifying...


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August 24, 2012 Off

Requirements Management Tools Market Survey

By Requirements Management

A recent Methods & Tools survey was dedicated to the software tools used to manage software requirements. The following question was asked: "How does your project manage the definition of...


December 2, 2010 Off


September 9, 2010 Off

Software Requirements Tools

Software Requirements Management Tools ( Business Analysis, UML Use Case, Agile User Stories, Product Backlogs) presents open source and commercial tools that can be used to elicit, create and manage software requirements and user specifications.

Methods & Tools is a free software development magazine that covers all areas of software development, including software requirements.