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[4 Oct 2011 | Comments Off on Agile Software Requirements by Dean Leffingwell | ]

The title of one of the initial chapters of this book  is “The Big Picture of Agile Requirements”. This emphasizes that agile requirements are more than user stories on a small card. In this book, Dean Leffingwell presents the big picture of agile requirements, together with the small details that can help you write better user stories. He also discusses the interesting concept of the Agile Release Train (ART) that aggregates user stories in features set.

[4 Jan 2010 | Comments Off on Book Review: UML 2.0 in Action | ]

This book from Henriette Baumann, Philippe Baumann and Patrick Graessle is a very good introduction to the power of modeling with UML. After an initial presentation of the basic principles of modeling and UML, the book presents the diagrams used to model both business and software views of systems. The final part is devoted to the models that can be used for system integration.