Introduction to Agile Requirements Traceability

This video provides an example of agile requirements traceability. We discuss an example user story and show how detailed requirements captured as test tables can be used to build executable specifications and aid the design process. Finally we wrap up by a brief example of how we would track the progress of multiple user stories […]

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The Credibility Gap in Software Requirements Traceability

In this serie of blog posts, Jim Reardan explains why and how the business process is the true point of origin and the most practical and robust context for requirements identification. He also discusses the best form to capture requirements.

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Automated Acceptance Tests and Requirements Traceability

This article explains an approach to automated acceptance testing that allows requirements traceability with an example using Java and Concordion. Acceptance tests directly tie into software requirements specification and the key for achieving maintainable tests is proper handling of traceability between the requirements and implementation as well as between the requirements and acceptance tests.

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