Why Learning Product Organizations Experiment Frequently

Many organizations are afraid of designing and running experiments for product development. Validation of the assumption approach has not been widely spread in the industry as a standard. Hypotheses are taken as facts and they are turned into requirements and features without verification. In contrast, other companies seem to be more customer value-oriented and validate their assumptions more frequently.

Why experiment? Is it worth it? This presentation explores the potential value of experiments on the product development level. It will touch on the topic of the learning organization through experiments. The talk shares some real-life experience from several organizations. Also, it discusses low-cost, measurable types of experiments and how to apply this approach to the teams, products, and organization. You will learn:
* Value-oriented organization, what does value mean?
* What sort of experiments can be run in your organization
* Empirical, Agile, learning organization meaning

Video producer: https://aceconf.com/


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