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[24 Jul 2013 | 3 Comments | ]

It takes more than talent to make a great product. You also have to focus on the right things, in the right order, with the right people at hand. Learn the key points for successfully developing product so you can make the most progress on your big idea. The talk covers common pitfalls, techniques for seeing the bigger picture and advice on how to bring the different roles together in product development.

[3 Dec 2012 | Comments Off on Minimal Viable Products | ]

In this blog post, Cory Foy discusses how to apply the Pareto law, the famous 80/20 rule, to the concept of minimal viable product. He defines two starting positions: you have to sell a solution for a problem or there is an actual need in a market. A Standish research shows that 45% of the features of a product are never used. This are the features you should not create if you want to deliver your product quickly.

[16 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on Minimum Viable Hypothesis | ]

In this blog post, James Shore suggests that the concept Minimum Viable Hypothesis should replace the idea of Minimum Viable Product (MVP). His point is that when you focus on the product you could end up being in love with it.

[2 Oct 2012 | Comments Off on The Three Agile Innovation Drivers | ]

In this blog post, Roman Pichler presents the three innovation drivers in Agile product management: desirability, viability and feasibility. He introduces a simple model to explore where innovation occurs in products, based on the fact that “product innovation usually occurs in the following three areas: the user experience (UX) and the product features, the business model or the product’s architecture and technologies”. When you start developing a new product, you should use the three drivers to understand where innovation occurs and how much uncertainty is present in the development effort. …

[22 Jun 2012 | Comments Off on Agile Product Portfolio Management | ]

If you are the Product Owner in a company adopting Agile, you might not find a lot of help in standard Agile texts related to the organization of a product pipeline and the associated resource planning. This video provides guidance in a lightweight Agile style for product portfolio management and will help you to avoid the Big Project Plans Up Front mentality that you may be fighting against.

[10 May 2011 | Comments Off on The Product Vision Board | ]

This blog post from Roman Pichler presents a product vision board, a physical pin board or whiteboard that helps establish a clear goal and facilitates making informed investment decisions.

[17 Feb 2011 | Comments Off on Agile Product Management using Effect Maps | ]

Effect maps are charts of project scope which help teams ensure that software delivery is focused on business goals, stakeholders and their needs. Effect Mapping facilitates the implementation of several techniques of agile planning, product design, prioritisation and scoping.