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[25 May 2011 | Comments Off on TickSpec Introduction | ]

TickSpec is a lightweight F# Behavior Driven Development (BDD) framework to manage and test your requirements. You describe behavior in plain text using the Gherkin business language (given, when, then) and then you execute the requirements in C# or F#.

[28 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on RSpec Best Practices | ]

This article presents the best practices of using RSpec, a Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) tool for Ruby programmers.

[13 Apr 2011 | Comments Off on Managing Project Scope with Cucumber.fm | ]

Work on big projects (1000 scenarios and more)creates unique challenges in managing and maintaining scenarios. Using tags for attaching meta data information helps to make the scenarios maintainable. This allows us to attach information important for scheduling work within milestone and iteration.

[9 Mar 2011 | Comments Off on BDD to the Rescue | ]

In this blog post, Mehdi Khalili explains that Behavior Driven Development can help you in more than one way. First and foremost it removes the ambiguity from the requirements, but taking it a step further could give you a lot of significant benefits.

[14 Jan 2011 | Comments Off on Winning Big with Specification by Example | ]

This video shows teams all over the world succeed in bridging the communication gap between business stakeholders and implementation teams and how they got users, developers and testers to collaborate in defining great requirements and acceptance tests to produce software fit for purpose.

[10 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on Specification by Example | ]

As the project had already commenced the approach needed to get testers working with developers, Business Analysts, Architects and others quickly and effectively. With the project intended to be over several phases test artefacts needed to remain relevant and useful.

[3 Dec 2010 | Comments Off on The Principle of Symmetric Change | ]

Many of the most common problems people have with implementing BDD or agile acceptance testing come from a misalignment of conceptual models. By changing our view at the specifications/tests we can make most of those issues go away instantly. This post explains the principle of symmetric change: one small change in a business model should require one small change to executable specifications.

[22 Oct 2010 | Comments Off on RSpec best practices | ]

Rspec is a great tool in the behavior driven design process of writing human readable specifications that direct and validate the development of your application. Follow these practices to write elegant and maintainable specifications.

[28 Aug 2010 | Comments Off on Behavior-Driven Development in the Real World | ]

Behavior-Driven Development is more than a technique for creating and organizing unit tests. It is also a wonderful way to communicate with customers and users about the software being created. This video demonstrates some techniques and tools you can use to start delivering software with BDD. : Using Behavior-Driven Development frameworks, this session explores ways to create software starting with solid Agile requirements, moving all the way through automated testing.

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[25 Apr 2010 | Comments Off on Concordion | ]

Concordion is an open source tool for writing automated acceptance tests in Java. There are also versions for .NET, Python, and Ruby.