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Better. Faster. UXier: AToMIC Design

8 February 2013 No Comment

We are designers, and we know how important design is to the success of our projects. We’re also agile! We believe in making incremental changes based on user testing. But there are some parts of the process we’re just not very good at yet. It’s usually still hard to achieve dramatic, site-wide style changes in an incremental and agile way, and most of us still run into “redesign” projects eventually.

It’s sometimes hard to collaborate on the nitty-gritty style details with developers because we group and name things differently, and we store and share our work differently. Even though we want to make and test prototypes, we often don’t get around to it because they either takes a lot of effort, or produce highly questionable results, and it shouldn’t have to be so hard. AToMIC Design is an organizing principle, a workflow, and a library that aim to address these three birds with one stone.

Conference: http://agileuxnyc.com/

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