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Writing Executable Specifications

1 November 2011 No Comment

Behavior Driven Development (BDD) is “Test–Driven Development (TDD) done right”, but in practice, it often ends up being TDD done with new tools and more verbose test names. The goal of writing executable specifications is the writing: learning what to specify, what to write about, what to leave out, and the right level of specificity.

BDD doesn’t guarantee specification done right, but getting specification right will have a profound effect not only on how useful the specifications are, but also on test design itself, as well as on your software development process and personal and team productivity. This talk will help you leverage all that BDD has to offer while helping you avoid the common traps that can be obscured by the new generation of tools.

Watch the video on http://ndc2011.macsimum.no/mp4/Day2%20Thursday/Track5%201140-1240.mp4

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