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As software developers it is our ability to listen to our customers throughout the process not just during some artificially time boxed requirements gathering phase and tell them the truth about their wants, needs, hopes, and desires, with all the complexities, and painful realities that transform our customers from being part of the problem to being part of the solution. Unlike those who hire us to turn dream into virtual reality we need to be proactive and deeply, personally responsible.

Source: “Requirements aren’t evil, we are“, Stephen Cohen,

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Reviewing Requirements for Testability

Modern software development approaches like Agile and Scrum support a strong collaboration between all member of the software development team, software testers and business analysts included. Even if you don’t use a method like Behavior-Driven Development (BDD) or Specification by Example, checking the fact that you will be able to actually test your requirements is […]

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Understanding System Analysis Models

This article is an extract of the “Complete Systems Analysis” written by James and Suzanne Robertson. It explains the basics of analysis models and emphasize that the important thing to remember is that modeling tools are complementary. Each shows one aspect of the system. Together, they make a complete working model of the system.

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Find Missing Requirements

This blog post by Betsy Stockdale explains how to use the Feature Tree model to discover missing requirements.

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