Agile Requirements: a Self-Building Documentation

Agile Requirements: a Self-Building Documentation

December 12, 2013 Off By Requirements Management

How do agile requirements work? Where does documentation fit in? For many of us, the transition from the security of upfront analysis and detailed specification documents to ‘doing Agile’ and embracing the process of discovery is a terrifying prospect. Agile theories don’t readily address the concern ‘how will we know where we’re going if we don’t start with a Business Requirement Specification?’

This talk takes the audience on the journey of a real customer requirement from inception to delivery, seeing how the user stories evolved over time. Starting at the beginning it takes you through how the user need was elaborated into features, stories and scenarios to become released software, and how feedback from customer interaction continued to shape it.

As we go along, you will see how the documentation built itself, and how it compares with the traditional Business Requirement Specification document. With a little bit of theory and a lot of real world experience, this presentation also covers questions like “How can we be sure we’ll cover everything?”, “How do we overcome our uncertainty?” and “What happens to my process flow?”

Video producer: Scrum User Group of South Africa