Mindmapping Agile Requirements

Creating requirements for your web or mobile application can be tedious and managing ideas even more. The larger the project, the more difficult it becomes. Add in the flexibility that Agile brings to projects, and things could quickly get out of hand.

But what if there was a way to make writing requirements and managing ideas not only easy, but a lot of fun too? There is – mindmapping. This webinar talks about:
– What mindmapping is, why it’s valuable, and how to use it
– Using this technique to brainstorm requirements
– Moving the results of your mindmapping into a management system like JIRA
– Managing ideas that come up during your projects
– Free mindmapping tools you can start using today


Managing Separate UX Backlogs in Agile

Agile development teams that struggle to keep track of UX work in the product backlog can utilize a separate backlog for UX. This method can help siloed teams where UX and development aren’t in direct communication. Separate UX backlogs do have pros and cons, which are discussed here.

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Improving User Experience with Human-Centered Design

This video explores the different phases of a human-centered design approach and understand how it can help your organization drive customer loyalty by enhancing your digital product. Learn how some of our past clients have made this approach their priority and dive deep into each of the five phases of a human-centered design approach.

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The 4 Pegs of Software Requirements Engineering

Bad software requirements can jeopardize projects. There is a considerable literature on software requirements, but practice is far behind: what passes for requirements in industry usually consists of a few use cases or user stories, which are useful but not sufficient for a solution. Can we fix requirements engineering (known in other circles as business […]

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